Friday, November 23, 2012


join us
we are
going to
get together

we are
going to get
hold a meeting
laugh and drink

we are going to
spread all over
and never see
one another
have an annual
meeting in guadalajara

write and blog
share interesting
things together
play cards on our
computers while we
skype or facebook
lives abandoned

work ignored
what was really
so important to
thirty five thousand people
not dying miserably
every day for
want of poetry
but living

in form and
content reading
poetry join us

(dedicated to modpoers everywhere)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

terminal 2

(for john ashbery)

im looking past roses
in bed
from kitchen dreams
at cold tile mornings
a hard mattress wall
makes nuclear physics nights
paltry you know

very paltry indeed
and restless
as a bus ticket
a road that
runs between
young souls and
the terminal
random ruminations
what do you think