Monday, March 02, 2015


I am starting a challenge because I have something I want very much. I am going to give myself exactly a year to get an apartment in Paris, France. I want to be able to live there part of every year for the rest of my life. So by April 1st of 2016 I will purchase an apartment in Montmartre (the 18eme arrondissement) of Paris, France. I will start a new blog to track the progress and you may keep track of how I’m doing on this challenge by checking what I post there. Wish me Luck and on with the CHALLENGE!

I’m not exactly sure how this is all going to work but I am planning to open several new blogs about things I am absolutely passionate about. So, in addition to the blog where I report the progress on the challenge, I will start blogs about the following topics: outdoor lifestyle, getting and keeping knives sharp, meditation and self-help resources that I use, solar energy, and winning the lottery/becoming financially abundant.

If you find you share an interest in any of these topics too, I invite you to follow any or all of these topics as I blog about them and I encourage you to post comments that reflect what you are thinking about these issues. I will be sharing my feelings there and interacting with those of you who are interested in the same things as I am. Watch this page for links to the new blogs!