Thursday, July 25, 2013

Karen Bowles is ill

I’m looking for a wider audience as a writer and I need to do something to help a very dear old friend while she is in need, as well. Let’s see: I’m a poet and that means I do other things in order to have the income to write. Let’s see: I’m a poet and I used to be a teacher before I retired – not much help. Let’s see: now I’m a poet and a pensioner – oh dear! So you see my dilemma.

There is not much I, or any single person (with the exception of a few billionaires), can do to help out so I came up with the idea of publishing a book and giving the income from it to her. All the income from Dragon Scales and Fireflies from the first year of sales will be put in the Tooth Fairy Fund to help Karen during this difficult time. It’s not a perfect solution because income from the big outlets seem to take about three months to start flowing but it is something I could do and that is what’s important.

What’s in it for you? Well, you are probably glad to do something nice for Karen Bowles because you love her but the problem is that you’ve already generously donated and that’s that. So this gives you an opportunity to give again, not a big gift like your first one but something small and manageable. Also you get an e-book that you can read and hopefully enjoy or give as a gift to some poetry lover you know who just happens to have a birthday soon. The reason that’s so important is that Karen still needs your help.

She needs it now – this is not something that is going to wait and if I can get enough of you to do it, she can get a new wave of donations coming in that will help her through a period in which she is really down with this illness of hers. In fact, I have a better idea. Why don’t you just go and slip five dollars in the Tooth Fairy Fund now and forget about the book. Or maybe do both but whatever you do, why don’t you do it now.

TheTooth Fairy Fund is at: and you need to 1) click the ''send payment'' tab, making sure to select ''personal payment.'' 2) There will be no fee on either side for this transaction.

And the book which I wrote especially for this is at:

Yours in poetry and love and with warm best wishes,

Russell H. Ragsdale

Tuesday, July 23, 2013