Friday, April 29, 2005


Early morning bright with sleepy light
Dreams of neighbors walking on the street
Cigarette smoke
Empty lift
Carrying its own short term memory
Feet shuffling somewhere below
Beehive of separate lives
Different goals
No talk
A sense of starting

But evening
Dusty diffuse light
High laughter
Shouted conversations
Many cars
Coming and going
On a small street
Thud of a kicked ball
Crowded running feet

A neighbor nods
We walk to one another
Warm handshake

Dogs run
Children hop
Neighbors walk together
Couples seek
To pretend they are alone
An old woman walks slowly
Amid the confusion

Things nearing completion


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I like this, Beehive lives and Dusty diffuse light, what does Sdrastdwitdchche mean?

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi Sue! I'm glad you liked it; your feedback is much appreciated. Sdrastdwitdchche is the Russian word of greeting. It is a word that rings with warmth and friendliness if you speak Russian. For non-Russian speakers, I find it rich and exotic as a well developed sauce.

angel-A said...

i do not know if this was written in the same mood as your:

"The snow has gone and uncovered our displeasure with objects
A flashing light with its malevolent power signals a right turn
The store has sold itself robbing the blind giving Peters change to Paul
Passing cars drive by people trying to scare one another" (Jan. 25th),

but i feel them alike in their melody which stopped me by at your blog when i read it in january ---- "an unbearable lightness(?) of being"...

angel-A said...

Z-d-r-a-v-s-t-v-u-y-t-e, Russell ;)
your version is exotic and cute indeed :)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi angel-a! Yes you are right, the tone is very much the same, being a bit of a localized omniscient view. Zdravstvute e spaceba bolshiya moi daragaiya!

hellophotokitty said...

Russell! What a beautiful and inspirational poem. Wow! so nice to see you writing poetry again!!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Well Sdrastdwitdchche to you then Russell

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi hellophotokitty! The answer to a parched prayer for water! it is great to see your post again in this A/F low income neighborhood (we both have A/F projects in different parts of the world). Thanks for all the great words and keep hanging in, art can be more than its own reward (but it is lonely living on the fringes isn't it). Keep faith with the program lady; you always make me miss you when you go! ;o<

(that ain't no reason for leaving)

Russell Ragsdale said...

sZdrastdwitdchche Sue!

(angel-a was right, to be like we say it, there must be a z spomewhere in the beginning)

Wow, what a rich word!

saby said...

heyy Russel,
dis is for angel-A
she blocked me out
she tinks i am the devile

Dear Angel-A
u spoled the story
i was teling to Madame X
but i wont sue

but, hey Angel A,
u must not desert Madame X
she needs u
we need u

u provide the balance between good and evil
right and rong
holy and unholy

saby said...

Fools rush in where angels fear to read ?

Jesus supped wid tax collectors (the bad guys)

He loved Mary Magdalene (a sex worker)

He loves me
He loves siners,
He never closes the door like u did Angel!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi saby! Seems to me you need to find a bulletin board somewhere. This place is for friends and acquaintances to read and look at pictures. You seem to be stalking someone who would rather not, it would seem, communicate with you further (for whatever reason) and I do not find that healthy so I am going to ask you to stop!

the lives we leave said...

Russell! LOL! Your blog comments section is growing tentacles! From Saby to you from Saby to Angel A, to Madame X* to saby again, you to Hellophotokitty*, and now me to you!!!

I am trying to stay with the program my dear, but sometimes, it's just so damm hard! And yes, its really lonley living on the fringes, heck, Im not even on the fringes, I am on the fringes of the fringes!!!
But your blog always makes me sime ;-) thank you...


*also me...

angel-A said...

dear Russell,

it struck me !!! it's not a coincidence that we all gathered here - saby, angel-a, madame x, anais, hellophotokitty.... it's a weird feeling but it seems that we are all one ... somehow tied together ... a part of one plan, one scenario of a play and this play hit the culmination point, a moment where we are passing crucial life stages, making critical decisions....
i believe that the play was written by a LOVING hand and the final scene woould be BEAUTIFUL.

Russell, it's not a coincidence that we all meet here - you are a graceful soul and it seems to me that you are one among us who came closer to the true understanding of how to balance reality and illusion in our lives - to balance without denying and being too hard on ourself, you are gentle to yourself and gentle to others - for that i love you so much.

thanks and i hope you don't mind that i use your space as a "bulletin board" for saying to you and our fellow bloggers - saby, hellophotokitty, anais, m-me x and angel-a - i love you all - i learn from you, dear friends, it's not that easy, it is painful, but it is rewarding.... my heart is healing ... HUG you ALL:)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi Anais! Gosh, don't know what to say; maybe to say: nice to meet you, again! Anyway, I've always enjoyed your comments and value them very greatly. Lonely stuff, this poesy and art! And, of course, I'll try and keep my tenacles to myself (sometimes that is harder than other times).

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi angel-a! Your words words are pure sweetness like honey on my lips. 'Coming closer to understanding how to ballance reality and illusion in our lives' is one of my better illusions! And lastly, who could object to a bulletin board to broadcast healing and unconditional love! Blog away my sweet!

angel-A said...

thanks, RRRRusssssellllll !!! :)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Doing essay's again, took a little time off to blog. The sun was out today and the pagent of life passed my window, and I had to draw myself away. What a waste of a weekend.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi Sue! I'm glad you came for a visit! I went to the dacha and will post some pictures in a minute. Is this 'grading essays' that you are doing?

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Hi Russel,

yes they are and all the rules change in the second level so it's twice as hard to get a good one. I want to get back to writing my children's fantasy story, so it's difficult to focus. I feel better this morning though. Sleep the great healer when she visits

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi Sue! Come often, you can always come here for a little rest and entertainment. That's what your blog does for me and I thank you for that! Didn't get the dacha pictures posted but maybe I'l be ready to do that after I get a little sleep. The unraveled sleeve of care needs a little mending. It's been a long, tough day!

Gama said...

That word is exotic indeed :-)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Yeah gama! Russian is a very interesting language. I'm glad I had the oppertunity to learn it.

angel-A said...

Russell, i can't wait to see your dacha's pics ;)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Been a tough work week, angel-a! I'll try to post the pictures early in the morning. I specially took a picture of the deep red tulip I mentioned earlier, so you could see it! Also took a picture of Cheena (the dog) who loves going to the dacha even more than I do!