Wednesday, May 04, 2005

An older pear tree is in the foreground. The trees behind it are all apple trees! Posted by Hello


angel-A said...

apple trees in blossom... i can only imagine the divine aroma....
lucky you!

Russell Ragsdale said...

The apple trees are just opening their buds now. The pears and plums are a joyous bunch of oversexed trees in full reproduction, currently.

We are indeed lucky at the smell!

Amie said...

for fear of sounding ignorant... this is the first time i saw an apple tree. :)
hey russel thanks for dropping by my blogsite.

the lives we leave said...

How beautiful!! All that lush green! It must be so peaceful to walk amidst the trees and green in the morning. Ahh!! Have a zen moment for me please Russell!!


the lives we leave said...

And Russell - here is the recipies for those fantastic shortbreads!!
I didnt forget!! :-)


(This all goes on one line...)

Russell Ragsdale said...

It's a lot easier to recognize what kind of tree it is when there are apples on it. You've probably seen them before without any good clues as to what they were. I really enjoyed you blog and will visit again with great pleasure!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi Anais! A zen moment is not a problem up there! It is the only place on the planet where I actually want to relax! The dacha rocks, but gently like a cradle!

Thanks for the recipe, sweet lady, and take good care of yourself!