Monday, May 08, 2006

Show me what hot means

Your beauty strikes the sky like a match
and lights up the day. I was shivering but
didn’t know how cold it was until you warmed me.
Surely somewhere there is a salvation but the
only hope I know is when your fire consumes me
and I am lifted from the ground like a burning bit of paper,
flipping over and over, scorched, consumed
and happy to flare in bliss.
From the sky, I realize I have never seen the earth before.
Cold ash is all that waits in that dead place.


Natalia L. Rudychev said...

Fiery, passionate images. I absolutely love it!

Pat Paulk said...

Russell you've outdone yourself with this one!! "From the sky, I realize I have never seen the earth before". Love this line!!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks Natalia! Most of the time we are quiet and maybe a little smoky but then, every one in a while, all St. Hellens breaks loose. Thanks for the passionate comment.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Pat Thanks! I am complemented indeed, my friend!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

'From the sky I realise I have never seen the earth before', yes that would be love.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks Sue! You're so poetically perceptive!

Anonymous said...

Powerfully transcribed.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks Aurora! You've been on a bit of a hot love poem roll lately. I'm being PRETTY HAPPY about this comment.