Monday, December 05, 2011

Abu Dhabi- Marina Mall

cute sets safe anchor
in the harbor of shops
statement of fact
plus tard
in the afterbirth
of wisdom
he has the time
like it was always
her money

certainties like that
creep down the hall
of ancient rumors
spend sleepless nights
whispers among shadow
that were once lovers

she will become one
when the coin of
beauty slips into
another purse

this beautiful life
will hibernate
dreaming quietly in
the taj mahal
of remembrance
so beautifully bathed
in the moonlight
of regret

he stands
behind the door
of a shop
that sells time

looking through
the glass at
a world that
strolls past
endangered with
every step
a tv show
of wishes of those
who will watch
only after
the shop
has closed

when they meet
and marry
their small child
cries all the way
through the mall
for something wanted

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