Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm leaving Paris today and I'm already sad the time is up. I also love Paris in the winter as it turns out. I should have been making notes for my next book but I've just been enjoying being here. My bad. Guess I'll have to come back soon then, Huh?


Russell Duffy said...

Leaving Paris is always sad. Parisoners are muck like Londoner's a bit sharp at time, seemingly rude and off hand but when you get to know them they are OK. Even if they weren't, Paris is one heck of a city.
You'll be back.

Russell Duffy said...

Or indeed, much.

Russell Duffy said...

PPS. I went to buy your book. "Book of Aliases but I don't have kindle. Ii bought my youngest daugher one but I don't have access as she lives away from home now.
Is it available in regular book form?
I have been reading a lot of poetry of late and would dearly like to 'own' a copy of your book but not on Kindle. Would you believe I have never read my own books on a Kindle yet? It's true, honest.

Russell Ragsdale said...

I actually have some friends who are parisienne and I'm rather comfortable with the people there. Sure they can be a bit sharp at times but that's true of New York and London too, as you observe. You are most certainly right Russell Duffy, when you say Paris is one heck of a city! I don't own a physical Kindle either at the moment but my mobile phone is a Nokia Lumia and I have the Kindle software loaded on it. It is wonderful to have all four of your books with me to read whenever I want. I also have Kindle and Nook software on my laptop so I can do some of my reading there. It is very handy! Unfortunately I haven't come out with a p-book yet for Book of Alaises so it is still only an e-book. But I love the e-book format because it is in color and all the illustrations are exactly as I wanted them to be, just as your illustrations in Charabanc to Cherbourg. I still love the smell, feel, and comfort of p-books but I've come to really love the portability of e-books. I encourage you to try the Kindle software, it's free and easy to install. Thanks for the visit my dear old friend!