Wednesday, June 05, 2013

ModPo's own Leigh Esther Hershkovitch reviews Book of Aliases

Book of Aliases is a fantastic, beautifully written world, crafted lovingly by Russell Ragsdale. This collection of poems is so much more than just a collection, it is a door to a world that very few people have ever dared to enter, but by golly does Ragsdale do the trick. By examining the aliases that a human can take on during the course of a single lifetime, Ragsdale opens the hearts and minds of the reader to an alternate reality that, in the same effect, is truly their own. The poetry in this collection left me breathless. Eloquently and skillfully crafted, this collection is sure to satisfy lovers of poetry and of the written word. I look forward to sharing the collection with my friends and rereading it over the course of my life. I am sure the aliases in this collection will align with my life, as they will with the lives of every reader.’

-Leigh Hershkovich, author of Shattered Illusions

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