Monday, September 16, 2013

Who is Russell Ragsdale?

I am a plain old human being who happens to write poetry, don’t ask me how that happened. The main thing I really want in life is for people to read my poems and feel better. My experiences I share freely, even though I’m not a confessional poet and friends, who are also poets, tell me that my work is accessible so anybody should be able to read it. There is no need for advanced degrees or years of study of schools of poetry to understand what I’m writing about. I just write about life as it plays itself across my consciousness so that shouldn’t make anything too mysterious. If I go out drinking and dancing, I will write about it or, if I sit alone and feel the want of contact with others, I will write about that too. It is true that I don’t punctuate when I write so that might seem a little strange at first but people don’t punctuate when they speak either so, if you read the poems aloud it should start to make more sense. As a plus, reading them aloud will let you hear the somewhat jazzy music they make. I hope you will enjoy and feel good about the wonder of being alive and aware!

My books are:
Book of Aliases,
Dragon Scales and Fireflies


Russell C.J. Duffy said...

Why he's that chap from over there,
No not there but that way, somewhere.
He's the man who writes no rhyme
with poetry connecting every time.
Never dull, always witty, forever sharp, a little gritty.
When inspiration lacks real muscle turn again to Ragsdale Russell.
If interest is peaked as it should then buy his books they are so good.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Love it CJ! I'm laughing and typing at the same time, my friend. Thanks!