Thursday, November 07, 2013

A review by Lowell Murphree for Dragon Scales and Fireflies

Lowell Murphree wrote:

If you have found yourself standing in the rain at the corner of undeniable passion and unbearable incompletion, the poems in “Dragon Scales and Fireflies” offer you sheltering companionship. All night cafés and darkened hallways locate poet Russell Ragsdale’s inner dialog. It’s intensity could wake the neighborhood. This latest book of poems, available in Kindle addition on Amazon, deceptively invites you to a day together during which you will share coffee on a snowy afternoon, dinner with conversation about cheap and costly love and the homeliness and beauty of Paris and finally over candles and drinks a harrowingly honest visit to the inner fires defiant of age. My recommendation: Buy it. You’ll read it more than once.

Dragon Scales and Fireflies

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