Monday, March 20, 2017

Too many recent deaths

Too many death have happened too soon. In the last week we lost Derick Walcott and, just the other day, Chuck Berry. It leaves me feeling just barren. Here is a poem I've written to help me cope with this feeling. If you are feeling somewhat empty from all this too, i hope it will help you also.


too much silence sits waiting
doors close and open
with the absence of knowing
surf thunders but
the poet of that life
sends manuscripts to
a press clanking and
growling in a country
i may never see
his words
the best yet
remain secret to me

so is there a life
sound has where
suddenly i stop singing
where sounds once so
familiar become
impossible to hear
my ears ache with longing
as empty silence
showers the howling quiet
sands of the once great
kingdom of ozymandias

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