Friday, December 31, 2004

Yuckelbel's Canon

Yuckelbel's Canon

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

The simple people of the world, like me, have no voice with which to express their feelings. I would like, for a moment, to have the temerity to attempt to be that voice. What is crying out to be said is that we understand that a swift and sudden disaster of unparalleled proportions has done irreparable damage and disruption to the lives of the people who were hit by that tsunami. We watch in anguished silence and bow our heads. Please accept our heartfelt condolences in this time of great sorrow. Accept it on behalf of the good people of your country who were so suddenly and indiscriminately made victim to savage forces beyond human agency. Accept it from the hundreds of millions of faceless, nameless people whose hearts reach out to your people and all others in your region who were touched by this giant tragedy, in this time of great sorrow. Know that they will support all that can be done to help now! Nothing anyone could ever do would be enough, of course, for the scores of thousands who have died. Our silent, wet faces now offer a sea of tears with which to bathe the wounds of loss for the survivors in the hope that healing will eventually occur.

Yours respectfully,
Russell Ragsdale

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