Thursday, March 31, 2005

Trying to answer!

Please bear with me; I've been asked a candid question by a friend and I'm struggling to understand how to answer. Maybe you will know what real love is. It is the love you have but cannot feel or the love that conquers and destroys you? What do you think? Anyway, here's a poem to try and explore the idea.

The perfect tear

I saw your shoulder and it made me like a leaf in the wind
The thousand kisses I thought I’d lost sat waiting for me to discover
the salty bumps of your spine parched my throat
Somebody spoke, I don’t know who or what they said

You captured the sun, I could only see the sky
by looking in the corner of your eye
as you glanced at me

I smelled something
but it didn’t make sense
I walked somehow to where your perfume lingered in the air
like a dream that I had had
that I couldn’t wake from

I saw you naked
you arched backward
and spanked yourself once laughing
and I was crawling
like a man clawing up a tunnel into the light

In sweat and salt and heat
I slipped off your wet lips
like an unconscious man falling
but you caught me and pulled me back up again with suction
I was saved from death
and died again
to find your little body
beating like a fast drum beside me
floating on a quiet tide
in a quiet room
in a lagoon somebody said wouldn’t last

Back on the street again
I thought what are all these people doing here
I am lost


angel-A said...
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angel-A said...

"It is the love you have but cannot feel or the love that conquers and destroys you?"

I believe - the second.

a crown of all human feelings - love
comes unexpectedely,
conquers a bare heart
and destroys all your ideas about self-
true, fake,proud, meak, strong, desired, dreamed, daring...
it lifts you up to the heaven and you feel as a new-born angel and then it smashes you against the earthly reality...
and you die... and enter the emptiness of cosmos...
you suffer ... then fall in love with this emptiness and the broken heart becomes bare again....

thank you, Russell, for your beautiful poem.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks angel-a! Love has many forms, but we can't seem to go through our lives without being part of it in its maddest style occasionally. That is when we do more than we can!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Go to the Kifas Kyrios link and check out his beaney joint post!

Gama said...

What can I say you're a genious :-)

Syl said...

I think love is a moment...the unexpected happenstance when emotions held tight inside are unwittingly released. It may be a sight, a scent, a's all chance.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks Syl! I would certainly have to agree that must be part of it!

Pris said...

Oh my...what a lover you are, Russell.
(I found the photo, too!)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks Pris! I'm glad you stopped in for a read. What a wonderful comment!