Friday, August 05, 2005

Uncountable You

Every poem is a mirror
That takes you where
You’ve always been
In ways you sometimes
Don’t expect

The glass can show
Like riding on the
Bus and looking
As the city passes
Seeing things you
Know are there
Telling you you’re
Going home

Not lost but


Lorena said...

i love how you described a poem here. i never looked at it this way, as a mirror. i'm so glad i see it now as this. i know that they always take me many places and sometimes it's just soothing knowing someone else, the poet, has felt the same as i.

and most especially liked the fact that now instead of thinking i'm lost, i can see it as traveling. that was the most amazing thing about this poem for me.

beautiful Russell. glad you visited me, gave me a chance to find you :)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Lorena, thans for all those wise and thoughtful words. I'm glad you have found me! I so enjoyed your poem which I read today. Thanks for visiting me and come back often ?)

gulnaz said...

wow, russell, that is a wonderful way to describe what a poem, a good poem can do for you!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks, my sweet Gulnaz! I am deeply glad of your words (like frendly healing to a wound) and, especially, for your visit to my humble digs. Visit like a prayer of thanks, with sounds of happiness that echos before you come! I long to hear you dancing up the steps!