Sunday, April 29, 2007

teacher learns

the days in spring start to sing
they find me always busy
spider web work is their logic
the evenings are often just the same

summer shines relentlessly
an air conditioner in my office
grinds me to a gooey mass
nights test a solitary sweaty wrestler

winter in caps of sheep’s curls
fur lined waterproof boots
home and tired - how to spend the evening
cold covers and pillow are dark whispers waiting

you swam through waves of solitary tea cups
you showed me what the night was all about


Pat Paulk said...

Sounds like a lucky teacher you are too!! You can teach and "old dog" new tricks!!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks Pat! You never outgrow your need to keep learning. Good grief, I'm becoming a confessional poet. Not really! Thanks for the great comment my friend.

ozymandiaz said...

The best teacher is often the best student. We all know the saying "those who can't do teach". Never bought that. The greates thing one can be taught is how to learn. Got to know how to learn to teach it.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks for that Ozy! In these days of learner autonomy and life long learning, it is wonderful to see the return of some things I naturally enjoy sharing. Likes and dislikes are common trade items among those who are close. I love to share the joy of learning new information, using the things I have learned to engage in pleasant pastimes, and my distaste for viewing the world with a closed mind.

I love feeling a kind of closeness to my students although I realize that one day they will walk out the door of my classroom and, in all likelihood, never return. Still I wish them the best I know how to give.

Thanks for that wise comment, my friend!

aurora said...

Those last two lines -- dynamite!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks Aurora, that's what cuplets (pun intended) are all about isn't it! Thanks for the wonderful comment, sweet lady.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

This is so sensual and yet skillfully understated

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks Sue! I'm glad you enjoyed the sensorial experiences of this poem! Thanks for such a nice comment.