Friday, October 29, 2004

Do you know?

What do you know? What are you planning to learn? What has driven you to want to learn about them? What is the nature of this curiosity? I love to search blogs and see what motivates people. I love to hear of their passions and the clattering of their souls in its little box. I empathize with their pains, pleasures, frustrations, and acknowledged foolishnesses. When I look at others, I'm freed momentarily from the constant motivation to self experience. I have become aware that there are some people on this planet who are never outside of themselves. They are interesting but seem often frustrated or offended by the presence of other wills impinging on them. Mostly I find myself fascinated and pleased to experience people who can get outside of themselves, even momentarily, to experience a something that opens out onto a larger and more global awareness. It is my hope that the smallness that confines us can be opened and made more generous and valuable by such experiences!


Laura said...

People fascinate me. Reading blogs is like an extension of my curiousness on trains, busses and in lifts.

Though on blogs we can steal moments from each others pillows, and see the workings behind the expressions.

And people like you reading their blog, whereas sometimes I find that people on trains busses and lifts find the observation a little disconcerting.

Thanks for the comment on my poem 'Shifts End'.

Laura said...
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