Saturday, October 30, 2004

The ghosts are in us!

Ghosts will roam the streets again tonight! Memories are the movement of that which once lived and now no longer exsist in the form we recall. Their movement is attached to the real world but is not something of weight or density. The movement of these memories, however, will have some form of substance tonight. These mostly happy and sometimes sad ghosts will accompany the millions of children who live in the real world of our neighborhoods. Every doorbell ring and "trick or treat" will be greeted by these ghosts. Make room for some very happy ghosts with children's faces that walk with the force of love. I will set them to roam again tonight. BOO!

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Zalliragy said...

I know this takes up space in your blog, but I couldn't think of any other sure way to find your attention than this.
But hey, I love Ferlinghetti.
And thank you for the comment on my poem.
Yeah, the despair does drown out a lot, but it's only rough draft.

I would love to see any of your work, if any of it is finished. Email me, I love new people...

P.S. my favorites in A Coney Island of the Mind are tied between number 5 and 9. (9 is pretty much winning.)