Friday, January 14, 2005

oak lullaby

snowing now
almost defying gravity
a heavy burden
tumbling down a
light lazy blanket of water and air
dull soft inverted world
sky cant be seen
dark above
brightness falling
cold stardust
precipitating locally
in a small
still living part
of the cosmic killing jar
a hint of coming
the smell of ice

don’t fear
little acorn
a clue to stupidity
limiting the world to only
what can be seen

trees sleep hope
and talk to god in
warm rivulet dreams


Gama said...

I'm amazed by you're writing, loved the poem a lot!
Thanks for your kind comment.

B-Val said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the poem and your writing style. The poem is so random, yet lulling. And thanks for your words of praise on my movie review blog.

Andre L. said...

Your writing style is fantastic! I really liked your poem and thanks for the comment.