Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Brighter and Wiser

I didn’t know I lived in darkness, who but God could give this light?
The moth needs the candle, who but God could give this light?

I hadn’t seen the world because I lived on the back side of the moon
Suddenly there was you and lots to see, who but God could give this light?

Every night must end; I was dreaming I was sleepless.
Dark brightens when I whisper your name, who but God could make dark bright?

You have seen me naked and ugly. All my deformities are visible.
Your clarity alarms me. Who but God could give all this for sight?

Dumb in the darkness, I knew no better. I also knew no pain.
You illuminate me and I cringe. Who but God could give all this to light?

I know now I was dead in darkness. I need to be healed by your love.
You smile shines like a saving beacon, who but God could shine this light?

Your absence defines what I now know is darkness.
Plunged in awareness between joy and sad, who but God could finally make me bright?


Pat Paulk said...

Who but... Without light we never know darkness, is darkness. No more Darth???

_Soulless_ said...

In the same place, in the very same posture... we may be 'lost' now, 'found' later. And what a world of difference we discover, not as regards (physical) movement, but in thought. The shift occurs within; the 'light' is adjusted there, and 'wisdom' follows.

The point is in believing. (And, in a way, the point is also in not believing.) ^_^

I am happy for you, Russell. Be blessed. *hug*

Anonymous said...

Wow, Russell, this is absolutely your best. I know I keep saying that, but really, each time you come up with something new like this, it astounds me. You're growing by leaps and bounds as a poet, aren't you? Would all would progress in such a light. Kudos on a great job!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi Pat! It was my first attempt at a Ghazal. An interesting form, actualy. You should try it sometime. There was never a Darth, just some very dark shadows. Thanks for the very wise comment, my friend!

Russell Ragsdale said...

My dear soulless, what wonderful thoughts and speculations.

I believe you are absolutely correct, the largest and most profound shifts are never physical (although they affect the space arround us with equal or greater magnitude).

Once again, precisely, the point that makes it all work is believing or not believing.

Your happiness is a treasure to me. I hug you.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hi Aurora and thanks for the great words. I am thrilled that my humble ghazal has affected you so much. Growth, of course, is as valuable as we hope it will be endless. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks so much for the kudos and the wonderful comment, my sweet!

Anonymous said...

There is a resounding beauty within these words. Thank you for sharing and Blessings to you.
"Darkness always flees into the shadows at the coming of the light."
your humble servant,
ancient clown

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks ancient clown! I'm glad this touched an important spot for you. Thanks againand be blessed!

Anonymous said...


gus said...

I like

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks anonymous!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks gus!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

It's an incredibly difficult form to write in (well in English it is) so well done you for prducing it without making it feel strained-lovely

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks Sue! It is a very demanding form and I didn't quite everything right about the rhymes but thanks especially for the kind and encouraging words.