Thursday, July 26, 2007

busy day

first day of rain i’ve seen
and less people not so many people as the hotel
but all these people want to talk
how is everything how was everything how will everything be
i took a can opener but didn’t have to pry very hard to get some milk
had tea while the phone rang
phone calls a lot of phone calls
a regular oracle at Delphi you know what i mean
wistful to watch pictures who were all those people
especially the ones that looked like us
you know the smiling ones with the real familiar faces
not a care in the world simply not a care
felt a little robbed maybe even mugged
felt like quiet violence had taken place
sat and stared trying to stay out of all the talk
talk goes on you know since they come over to see you
but then they get started warmed up competitively telling stories
they know they are well-meaning crazy about being nice in fact
but their own lives are what they want to talk about
so i just sit back and the day goes on
almost as if i was still where i am missing


rohn said...

hi russell

i enjoyed your 'busy day'
poem i like the rhythm

in san antonio it's been raining for 3 months

fellow poet

Russell Ragsdale said...

hi rohn

glad you liked this the rhythm is real interesting i agree but its real master is ralph england you can find him at: it is worth the read if he isn't already one of your regulars

another poet with a more narrative form would be steve orlen who is still teaching at the u of ariz in tucson the style is a lot different but he is a fine read without as much mid-line caesura as you catch with this style

it is raining every day here in almaty, kazakhstan but turkey was cloudless and quite hot for the ten days i spent there recently

i'm glad to meet you and am greatful for the wonderful comment

SzélsőFa said...

I also felt the constant throbbing within - was it the speeches overheard on the phoe, the lots of people walking and talking, the busy hotel hallroom?
Telephones are annoying things, really.

re: Rain?
I think you're powerful enough to send some rain over here - it hasn't been rained for like a month. Everythings dies off.

iamnasra said...

its been long long time ..I was walking though this busy day ordinary but magical it is

Russell Ragsdale said...

Thanks Szelsofa! Life rarely stops throbbing. I wish I was able to send you some rain. I'll go to the dacha tomorrow and I hope it will not be so wet and muddy. But, on the positive side, there is no phone. Thanks for that thoughtful comment.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Nasra, thanks so much! I'm glad you came by and left this brilliant comment. I'm delighted you found the magic. I'm so glad you told me about it, thanks so much.